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====== The AC100 Wiki ====== This Wiki is dedicated to the users and developers running Linux on the Toshiba AC100.


  • 2013/11/28: New general install guide at installing_linux. Old guide at ubuntu.
  • 2013/11/25: Page External resources has been updated.
  • 2013/10/15: After too much long time, wiki has been upgraded, spambot coutermeasures are now in place, self-registration is available again. Enjoy - ggrandou.
  • 2012/11/17: New installation instruction for ArchLinux
  • 2012/09/27: It's now possible to use the video hardware acceleration: Instructions and builds
  • 2012/04/23: A new snapshot of filesystem of Ubuntu 12.04.
  • 2011/12/14: A MultiBoot image can now be used to boot different linux systems
  • 2011/10/07: Sound via internal speaker works. More here
  • 2011/10/03: Suspend/resume with Android 2.2 bootloader works if commandline does not specify the lp0_vec. More here
  • 2011/09/29: new kernel linux-2.6-ac100 (2.6.38-5ac2) available in jak's Debian repository. Improved stability thanks to rewritten nvec parts. More here
  • 2011/09/27: Mysterious suspend/resume problem solved: works only with Android 2.1 bootloader. More here
  • 2011/09/22: Ubuntu 11.10 Beta2 released with official ac100 community support! See the announce. Thanks to ogra!
  • 2011/09/20: Thanks to juliank, leonro and other usual suspects, ac100 support is improving: sound over headphones, caps-lock led, to name the most visible features. See it here.

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Legacy pages

These pages contain local copies of legacy AC100 wiki, which mostly contain outdated information:

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