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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is recovery mode?

Recovery mode enables you to manipulate data on internal eMMC flash from other computer via the mini USB port. In order to get into recovery mode you should hold Ctrl+ESC keys while pressing Power during boot. The screen will stay black – that's OK.

What is SOS partition?

SOS partition is used by Android 2.1. SOS partition contains an alternate boot image that does factory reset. To boot from SOS you should hold Home key while booting and select “1” at bootloader's menu.

Android 2.2 doesn't use SOS partition. It is not possible to boot from SOS with a bootloader from Android 2.2.

How can I dual-boot?

To make your AC100 dual-boot into Android and Linux you just need to flash one kernel in LNX partition and other in SOS.

How to check battery level?

cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/charge_{now,full}

How to change LCD brightness?

echo 100 > /sys/class/backlight/pwm-backlight/brightness

Screen goes completely black for any values less than 2.

See here for some handy scripts.

How to set up sound?

Lubuntu 12.10 have sound (playback and record) out of box. In case you changed settings and sound don't work anymore, try to reset settings:

alsaucm -c tegraalc5632 reset

For other systems use following guide:

  1. REBOOT you machine to be sure it was not resumed (sound doesn't work after resume yet)
  2. run audio playback
  3. start alsamixer
  4. common stuff
    • remove mute state (press m) from “Stereo DAC”
    • remove mute state from “Line” (or “Master”, depends on kernel version)
  5. speakers settings
    • remove mute state for “Speaker Mix DAC2SPK”, “Int Spk”, “Speaker”
    • set “SpeakerOut Mux” to value “Speaker Mix”. NOTE: some people get sound from speakers only when “SpeakerOut Mux” is set to “HPOut Mix”. I you have suspended before reboot as sound doesn't survive suspend yet.
  6. headphones
    • remove mute state for “Headphone”, “HP Mix DACL2HP” and “HP Mix DACR2HP”
    • “HP Left Mux” set to “HPL Mix”, “HP Right Mux” set to “HPR Mix”
  7. enjoy, and don't forget save changes with sudo alsactl store

amixer output example

More info here.

2.6.37 and above kernels

How Do I change the kernel command line?

In Precise it's as simple as editing /boot/bootimg.cfg and changing the (last) line 'cmdline=…' to whatever you wish. To actually flash the kernel do sudo update-initramfs -u.

Which bootloader version do I need?

For 2.6.37 bootloader from both Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 works fine. However it is reported that only Android 2.1 bootloader does resume correctly after standby.

I get error "init keyboard error EcOpen error" at boot

Remove battery and AC-cable, wait 20 seconds and then boot again. Make sure you are running the latest kernel.

.37 installer of ubuntu fails

When following this guide the installation fails if you have a certain emmc model (sandisk) due to a kernel bug. Models 10Z and 10D are known to fail due to this issue. This bug is fixed in .38 and later. You can still install .37 to a external USB stick or SD card.

Problems to get Wifi/Wlan running

on some Versions of the Toshiba AC100 there is a shielding problem at the Wifi module. Please refere to the link here: Problems with Wifi/Wlan

phh's 2.6.32 kernel

Which bootloader version do I need?

For 2.6.32 bootloader from Android 2.2 is needed.

Why does my disk fill up, it does not help if I remove files?

If you are using Nilfs2 as filesystem you need to make sure nilfs_cleanerd is running, if it's not running the disk will keep filling even when you delete files. You may need to install nilfs2-tools and reboot / remount the partition. If you end up with a full partition you do not have any possibility to install nilfs2-tools it still possible to clean it, if you installed on SD-card just move it to another computer with nilfs2-tools and make sure nilfs_cleanerd is running. If you installed on internal emmc you will need to install a distribution on SD card and from there mount and clean the internal emmc.

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