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  • Download this file (10,1,120,10) and put it into your plugin directory of your browser. (newer version of plugin: see below)
  • For firefox it could be /usr/lib/firefox6.0/plugins.
  • For chrome it is /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins/. Start chrom{e/ium} using chromium-browser --allow-outdated-plugins

Note. The player is known to work if properitary video driver installed (see L4T contents)

Note. Another version of from Atrix (10,2,157,51)


If you encounter this error message:

mplayer: relocation error: mplayer: symbol __aeabi_d2lz, version LIBAVFORMAT_53 not defined in file with link time reference

while trying mplayer command under under Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric), see post #6 in this bugreport #921621 for a solution.

If you try to recompile by own means, don't forget to append the correct repository in order to avoid an error message due to unkown package:

echo 'deb-src oneiric main restricted universe' >> /etc/apt/sources.list

The resulting package mplayer2_2.0-134-g84d8671-2build1_armel.deb (store it in /tmp) need to be installed for replacing the broken package:

sudo dpkg -i /tmp/mplayer2/mplayer2_2.0-134-g84d8671-2build1_armel.deb
wget -P /tmp -c
mplayer -quiet -fs -vo x11 /tmp/EVE_CDIA_PilotOrientation_720p.wmv


chromium browser

  • Please use this Daily builds.
  • Download, unzip and start chrome :-)
  • For flash see above, for webgl use chromium-browser --use-gl=egl --ignore-gpu-blacklist

bluetooth audio

  • Please follow this preparing guide until step 9.
  • Download this script file connect_headset.tar.
  • Every time you want to connect to your active bluetooth headset start the containing script.

Known working software running on a Gentoo-Installation

Command Prompt Tools

  • GCC Compiler
  • VIM - Editor
  • MC - Midnight-Commander - Filemanager
  • LSUSB - List USB-Devices
  • LSPCI - List PCI-Devices
  • HWINFO - List Information about the Hardware inside the system
  • APLAY - Alsa Audio Player
  • ALSAMIXER - Audio Codec Control

Graphical Frontend Software

  • GDM - Login manager
  • LXDE - Desktop Environment
  • LXMusik - A Music jukebox
  • Networkmanager
  • Evince - PDF-Reader
  • Firefox - Web-Browser
  • Inkscape - SVG Vector Drawing Tool
  • Audacity - Audio Editor
  • Cheese - Web-CAM-Tool
  • Gnome-Mplayer
  • Sylpheed - small footprint E-Mail-Client
  • Leafpad - Text Editor
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