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This page contains useful stuff, outside this wiki, concerning the AC100. The wiki and blog resources linked here may be more or less outdated.


Freenode. Chat with developers and users on the AC100 for support and discussion. Channels:

  • #ac100 (English)
  • #ac100-fr (français)
  • #ac100-it (Italiano)
  • #ac100-ru (русский)

Chat logs can be found at

Source code

Developer team & mailing-list

This list is restricted to subscribers only. You need a launchpad account to subscribe yourself.

You can subscribe on this address:

Mailing list archives are available from here:


You can use launchpad to:

However, it's often more efficient to get in touch with developers and people who know directly on the mailing list or on irc.

Please note that the AC100 Launchpad is not restricted to Ubuntu support ;-)

News topics

Other wikis

Blogs and other personal resources

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