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Known hardware issues

Problems with Wifi/Wlan

Many people using the AC100 have reported that they have problems with the stability of Wifi reception. So before you get crasy or smash the AC100 onto the next wall please read this hint: Fixing Wifi on Toshiba AC100 (Google cache for the page in case the original is not accessible)

To better understand how to open the display case look at altechnative's section on upgrading the display.

In short, the article suggests to dismantle the display part of the device and to remove the extra shielding (cut with a sharp knife the shield between the wifi adapter and the LCD).

Reversed polarity of one of the integrated speakers

Shadoweel reports on IRC that he suspects that one of the internal speakers is connected in reverse which makes bass sound even worse (due to cancellation of sound sources being in antiphase) and the stereo effect strange and unimpressive. Trying to mute one of the speakers with a palm should obviously deteriorate the sound while on his device the sound is somewhat improving.

According to the schematics and the photographs, the integrated speakers are properly connected to the TPA6017A2 stereo amplifier. But this amplifier seems to be driven improperly: RIN- is connected to the negative ALC5632 mono speaker output SPK_OUTN (which is ok) but LIN- (negative!) is connected to the SPK_OUT which is the positive line of the same mono output. This gets the same mono signal to both speakers but in antiphase.

Setting “SpeakerOut N Mux” to “RP/+R” and “SpeakerOut Mux” to “HPOut Mix” seems to be the only correct way to drive the integrated speakers.

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