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WetPaint - Hacking the Toshiba AC100

Welcome to the Wiki about the Toshiba AC100 smartbook!

The AC100 (or Dynabook AZ as it is called in Japan) is a nice piece of hardware; a smartbook which many of us have been waiting for since more than a year when many companies announced ARM based netbooks for the future. Unfortunately, the AC100 features Android 2.1, which is not the optimal OS for a smartbook, as the display size and the keyboard are not entirely Android-compatible. Another drawback is the rather limited choice of installable apps, as there is no way to access Googles Marketplace. Although Android 2.2 has been released on 22 February 2011, bringing lots of benefits, many of us yearn for installing their own choice of (Linux based) operating system, be it Debian, Ubuntu or ChromeOS. This Wiki aims to concentrate our activities around rooting the device reaching the Recovery Mode hacking and extending the installed firmware, i.e. the original OS installing other bootloaders (maybe uBoot) for making the AC100 capable of booting an (open) alternative OS.

Your contribution to this site is highly welcome! Also feel encouraged to discuss issues at the bottom of each page…

Please join us on IRC : ac100 channel, on Freenode network.

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