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Wireless driver:

There are currently several options for the Wireless support.

1. The one bundled in the Toshiba kernel sources, under `/drivers/net/wireless/DPA_RT3070_WiFiBTCombo/` . This compiles to three separate modules, which have to be inserted in the right order. ('rtutil3070' first, then 'rt3070' and then 'rtnet3070') 2. The GPL'd ralink sources, available at . Currently at version 3. The experimental rt2870 driver in STAGING (2.6.29) 4. The rt2x00 driver in drivers/net/wireless (mainline), but only experimental support for the 3070. 5. The compat-wireless package and its rt2870 support (see )

# Linux power management #

Currently, the power management is hacked to work using the nvrm_daemon from the Android tree (it can be run under a chroot).

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