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Resources on the Web

This section lists the places where you can find information on hacking the AC100 on the Web:


AC100 thread in the Toshiba Europe forums AC100 thread in the Toshiba USA forums Linux Information for Toshiba PC (but no information on the AC100 yet)

NVIDIA Tegra 2 (the CPU in the AC100)

AC100 thread in the NVIDIA Developer Zone NVIDIA Tegra gitweb Code Sourcery ARM GCC


AC100 thread in the Debian forums AC100 thread in the Google Chromium OS forums Disecting the Scandinavian AC100 Gentoo on the Nvidia Tegra 250 Developer Kit HOWTO: Unpack, Edit, and Re-Pack Android Boot Images HACKED! Toshiba AC100 – Ubuntu 10.10 is Running Ubuntu 10.10 for the AC100

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