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Wetpaint - Status Overview

This page summarizes the status of our efforts to install a GNU/Linux on the AC100.

Please help keep this page up to date by changing status and details or adding missing features.

Category Task Status Details Alternative OS Boot Ubuntu ok see Ubuntu page for HowTo Boot Debian ToDo Boot ChromeOS ToDo Up-to-date kernel ToDo Powersaving Display dimming ToDo It needs to use some nvidia's control lib. (also available in L4T) CPU frequency scaling partial There is a cpufreq interface loaded. (but seems to always run at high speed). We can control which cpus are online. Suspend to RAM (forced or by lid event) partial see this page Suspend to disk (flash) ToDo Not supported by provided kernel. Graphics 2D/3D acceleration partial OpenGL ES works from Linux4Tegra, but no X11 accelerated driver. HDMI output status? Works from L4T's OpenGL demos. Acceleration for HD movies partial omxplayer2 works from Linux4Tegra, using L4T's nvrm_daemon and android's nvrm_gpu.ko Network WLAN ok Needs some hacks on the system because it requires some files in /data UMTS / 3G partial Seems to be some easy AT/ppp on ttyUSB/ttyACM devices. See mobile broadband for details. LAN (via USB adapter) status? It seems that CDC Ethernet is supported (set top boxes, pc to pc cable), but not RNDIS (smartphones) Input devices Touchpad partial The (de)init command seems to hebave randomly. Keyboard: special keys ok Behaves like a normal keyboard: first keys are F1-F12, then delete/insert/home/end/sysrq(=print screen) LID (closing/opening screen) event: Power button partial Comes from keyboard's device. Needs some ec_odm to enable. Peripherals Built-in camera ok Standard Video4Linux2 interface on /dev/video0. Audio ok? check the modules on our optional modules page (codec seems to be a Realtek ALC5632) Bluetooth ok Supported by btusb.ko (CONFIG_BT_HCIUSB=m). Storage partition drive partial see

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