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Keyboard Mapping

Here's how the unusual keys around the edge of the keyboard map to the Xorg keypresses generated by a more common keyboard:

AC100 key Xorg name Esc/Back XF86Back Rewind / Prev F1 Play/Pause F2 Stop F3 Fast Forward / Next F4 Switch display F5 Decrease Brightness F6 Increase Brightness F7 Airplane mode F8 Trackpad enable/disable F9 ^1 Decrease Volume F10 Increase Volume F11 Mute/unmute F12 Camera / screen capture Print ^2 Mail Home Web browser End Recent Insert Settings Delete Search XF86Search Home Super_L Menu NoSymbol (keycode 155)

1 - This sends the F9 keycode, but it still disables or enables the trackpad, with no obvious notification that it has done so.

2 - Under Ubuntu's default Gnome environment, this is handled as a usual printscreen/screenshot . Under other WMs, it sends the Print keycode and also leaves the message “nvec_keyboard: unhandled scancode 63” in the kernel log.

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