Inside the AC100

Top part of main unit

1. Touchpad. Big chip in the middle is the panel controller.

2. Cable, which connects to the motherboard power LED indicators - the block below and to the left.

3. Cable, which connects the motherboard to the touchpad.

4. Cable, which connects the motherboard to the power button.

5. Power button.

6. Heatsink.

7. The date of manufacturing.

Bottom part of main unit

1. Main part of the motherboard, in more detail below.

2. Keyboard connector.

3. Battery.

4. USB.

5. USB - a standard connector and a 8-pin mini USB.

6. WWAN Ericsson F3307 1).

7. Hinges.

8. Power connector.

9. Battery connector.

10. LCD connector cable.

11. HDMI. Below - audio jack.

12. SD-card reader.

13. Speakers

14. A metal plate.

Focus of motherboard

1. NVIDIA Tegra 250.

2. ENE KB926QF keyboard controller.

3. SanDisk flash drive series iNAND . In this case SDIN4C2-8G

4. Texas Instruments TPS658621A - multi-chip power management with built-in charger for Lithium-ion batteries.

5. USB-port controller SMSC USB2514B

6. Two memory chips Hynix HY5PS1G431C FP-S6 DDR2-800, 1 Gbit per chip - total of 256 MB x 2.

7. An empty slot.

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