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Install Ubuntu

!!! This section is still under construction. Refer to “Alternative OS” in the meantime. !!!

Install Ubuntu on your AC100 onto the internal drive.

1. REQUIREMENTS 1.1 Hardware Your AC100, of course Another PC with Ubuntu/Linux - connected to the Internet A USB cable, Type A to Mini USB to connect AC and PC 1.2 Software Before you start with anything, you should create a directory to store all the programs and files you need in one place. This will help keep things organized. Go to your folder, /home/[yourname]/ Create a new folder called “ac100” 1.3 Internet Now you can start to fill that folder. Ultimately you need all from that list, but as soon as you have the “Linux4Tegra” package you can continue with step 2 and download the remaining files in the background to save time. Linux4Tegra at, choose the latest linux version Recovery partition (Partition 5) at, Enter the folder for your model (10D, 10U, 10V, 10Z) and download the *-internal-boot.img. For other models have a look at the repack-instructions Root filesystem at Move the files to your /ac100 folder after download or download them there directly. Unpack Linux4Tegra.

2. FLASHING & BACKING UP 2.1 Linux4Tegra & nvflash Shut down your AC, connect it to your PC with the USB cable. Hold down [CTRL]+[ESC] on your AC and switch it on. Keep [CTRL]+[ESC] pressed for a while! After that, your AC should be on (check power LED) with the display off. Now you are in “recovery mode” and you can access it via nvflash. To do that open a terminal/console and change to the “nvflash” folder. [code] sudo cd /home/[yourname]/ac100/linux4tegra/nvflash/

Now you can start nvflash and the “Vanillla Bootloader” to gain access to the AC’s partitions. [code] sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash –bl ../prebuilt/fastboot.stock.bin –go

2.2 Backup Now you can back up partition 5 of your AC. You will replace it with a custom version that enables booting Ubuntu. [code] sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash -r –read 5 part-5.img

[optional] You can make a full backup of your AC's hard drive.

2.3 New Partition 5 Push the custom partition 5 (the second item from the download list) onto your AC100. The following command assumes, you have downloaded/copied it to the ../ac100/ folder you created earlier. [code] sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash –bl ../prebuilt/fastboot.stock.bin –download 5 /home/[yourname]/ac100/boot.img


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