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Gitorious - Available Models

There are several models available, mostly depending on the country they are sold. All have WiFi support, but differ in the amount of internal storage and addition wireless connections. The table below lists some of them:

  Model AC100-	Part #				Storage	Bluetooth	3G		Country

      10D			PDN01E-008013G3		16 GB	Yes			No		Germany
      			PDN01E-00800SIT									Italy
      10G			PDN01E-00C00SIT		16 GB	Yes			Yes		Italy
      10K			PDN01E-001013G3		 8 GB	No			No		Germany
      10U			PDN01E-00500EEN		 8 GB	Yes			Yes		United Kingdom
      10V			PDN01E-003016GR		 8 GB	No			Yes		Germany
      10Z			PDN01E-00700EEN		 8 GB	Yes			No		United Kingdom
      114			PDN01E-00900GFR		16 GB	No			No		France
      116			PDN01E-00L00URU		32 GB	Yes			Yes		Russia
      117			PDN01E-00K00URU		 8 GB	Yes			No		Russia

# What's inside?

The board (made by Compal) seems to be closely related to the “Harmony” development board made by NVIDIA. The main CPU is a [Tegra 250 SoC]( which consists of

* dualcore 1GHz Cortex-A9 processor, 1 MB L2 cache * ULP GeForce GPU * DDR2 controller, 512 MB RAM (256+256 MB chips) * dual display controller (lvds+hdmi) * jpeg encoder/decoder * video encode/decoder * sound chip * and some more

Supplemental chips are (among others)

* embedded flash (type depends on the model, e.g. Toshiba [THGBM2G7D4FBAI9]( * embedded controller (ENE KB926QF-D3?) * power management unit [TPS658622A]( * Wifi ([Ralink]( rt3070sta) * Bluetooth chip (optional) * 3G modem (optional, Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV F3307 Mobile Broadband Module)

# Pictures

See what is [inside](

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This should be useful for porting to newer kernel releases. Mostly from odmkit/query/subboards…

              Name        GPIO Port+Pin

Panel stuff —

      LVDS_SHUTDOWN        M6
      BACKLIGHT_PWM        U3
      BACKLIGHT_VDD        W0
      HDMI_HPD_ENABLE      N7

— Wifi

      WIFI_PWR                K5
      WIFI_RST                K6

— Audio

      HP_DET                W2

— Bluetooth

      BT_RST                U0

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# TPS6586

— Wifi

      +3VS                LDO3
      VDDIO               LDO4

— Bluetooth

      VDDHOSTIF_BT                LDO4

— Rtc

      VDD_RTC               LDO2

— Panel

      VDD_HDMI_PLL               LDO8

# I2C

— Audio

      CODEC                0/0x3C



— Wifi

      CODEC                2/0

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