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Gitorious' FAQ

This page has the answer to some questions. If this page does not answer your question, feel free to join the IRC channel.

## About phh's Ubuntu image

# What does nvrm_daemon do? #

Short answer: we don't know. Long answer: it makes suspend, sound and cpu frequency scaling work

# Why do we need Xephyr? #

There's a bug in the tegra Xorg driver that makes the mouse cursor flicker. Running the session on Xephyr instead of directly on the Xorg/tegra makes the cursor work properly.

# What do we need the Xorg tegra driver for? The framebuffer works well… #

Suspend, OpenGL ES

# Why is Xorg run in a chroot? #

The tegra driver is incompatible with recent Xorg releases.

# Where do these components come from? #

Xorg: L4T Xorg tegra driver: L4T Xephyr: Ubuntu nvrm_daemon: Toshiba's Android nvrm_gpu.ko: Toshiba's Android

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