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Backup and Restore

This Howto shows you a way to backup the whole system on the AC100 to your hardrive. This is probably a good idea before you start playing with an alternativ OS. This Howto is written to be used on a Linux system, but it should easily usable on a Windows system as well.

For both procedures (Backing up and Restoring) your AC100 has to be in Recovery Mode!

Backing Up

Download the latest Linux For Tegra (L4T) package from here and unzip it Open a terminal and change to the following directory: linux4tegra/nvflash the following command sends the vanilla bootloader into your device RAM (it will not overwrite anything)

# LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash –bl ../prebuilt/fastboot.stock.bin –go

the following command saves your disk partitioning (very important!)

# LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash -r –getpartitiontable partitiontable.txt

use the following command with to save the partitions one by one to your harddisk (see Partition Layout for details)

# for i in $(seq 2 14); do LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash -r –read $i part-$i.img; done

You should endup with part-2.img, part-3.img […] up to part-14.img, and partitiontable.txt. Keep them in a safe place if you intend to play a bit with your AC100.


In the partitiontable.txt, you should see following pattern (you need the highlighted values for each partition you want to restore):

PartitionId=[PartitionId] Name=… DeviceId=18 StartSector=[StartSector] NumSectors=[NumSectors] BytesPerSector=2048 Open a terminal and change to the following directory: linux4tegra/nvflash Reload the vanilla bootloader using the following command:

# LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash –bl fastboot.bin –go

For earch part-[PartitionId].img you want to restore, execute the following command:

# LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash -r –rawdevicewrite [StartSector] [NumSectors] part-[PartitionId].img

Reboot your device. I used rawdevicewrite for part4, and my bootloader ceased to work until I also restored part2.

Easily Backing up and Restoring with AC100 Toolkit

The AC100-Toolkit is a shell based utility that makes the backup and restore process easier. It automatically downloads and installs nvflash for you. It can backup all your partitions with two simple commands. Restoring your partitions also becomes easier.

For more informations, visit

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