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U-Boot on Toshiba AC100

  • Effort is undergoing to get upstream u-boot working, currently it can boot from either internal or external MMC storage and interact with the user over UART1 (on JP1), but there's no support for the keyboard or the display. Temporary tree can be found here:
  • u-boot (rudimentary u-boot support, kernel-image loading from usb-device stored in subdirectory /boot. Kernel loading from SD-Card or MMC not yet implemented)

Build instructions

Basically, git clone the tree; make paz00_config; CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- make. To boot it without flashing one can use putusb specifying “u-boot.bin” instead of “bin/fastboot.stock.bin” for the second argument to boot() function.

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