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AC100 as terminal client

The ac100 comes with a great battery life and a small form factor. Unfortunately, some tasks are just to heavy for the ac100. Furthermore, some applications (proprietary and FOSS) are simply not available for ARM-based machines. However, one can make use of a big powerful server/desktop machine and start the application on this machine remotely connected to the ac100.

There are different solutions with pro and cons.

* ssh + X-forwarding

* VNC-session

* x2go (based on NX libraries)

This page will describe how to set-up a x2go system (and maybe other ways too).

Two pictures as a teaser. A VirtualBox session on the Linux desktop machine is started via x2go from the ac100. Voila Windows XP on the ac100. Graphic quality and speed in a local network via wifi are almost native.

More to come…

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