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SOSBoot is the AC100 Swiss Army knife. It's a minimalistic self containing linux system designed to solely fit inside the Recovery partition of the AC100.


Where to install ?

Although SOSBoot can be installed in place of the main kernel, it's the most useful when installed on the recovery partition (5-th partition in terms of nvflash). So that the AC100 boots by default your favorite OS, and SOSBoot stays available as a recovery system in case something goes badly wrong.

Please note that booting a different system through the recovery menu is only supported on the bootloader provided by Android 2.1. If you have upgraded your AC100 to Android 2.2 prior to install linux, it's highly advisable to downgrade your AC100 to Android 2.1 (you do have backups, don't you ?)


Official SOSBoot images are available from there: sosboot-r4.img latest for now.

To clean ac100 using external computer

Using nvflash

nvflash --bl harmony/fastboot.bin --sync
nvflash -r --download 5 sosboot.img

From a working AC100 system

check that your sos partition is /dev/mmcblk0p1

abootimg -i /dev/mmcblk0p1

and install it:

dd if=sosboot.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p1


Power on you ac100 with “Home” key pressed, press 1 in the boot menu.

Tips and Tricks

Sosboot in 6 partition

(You dont really need this for normal sosboot usage)
To install sosboot in 6 partition you shoud extract it with abootimg

abootimg -x sosboot.img

and create again with new bootimg-part6.cfg:

bootsize = 0x800000
pagesize = 0x800
kerneladdr = 0x10008000
ramdiskaddr = 0x11000000
secondaddr = 0x10f00000
tagsaddr = 0x10000100
name = SOSBOOT r4
cmdline = 
abootimg --create sosboot-part6.img -f bootimg-part6.cfg -k zImage -r initrd.img


SOSBoot sources are hosted on gitorious:

Retrieve git repository:

$ git clone git://

Built it:

$ cd sosboot
$ ./build_all

Please note that build has been only tested on a cross-compile environment

Technical details

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