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Available Models

There are several models available, mostly depending on the country they are sold. All have WiFi support, but differ in the amount of internal storage and addition wireless connections. The table below lists some of them:

Model Part # Storage Bluetooth 3G Keyboard Country
10D PDN01E-008013G3 16 GB Yes No ? Germany :?:
10D PDN01E-00801EN5 16 GB Yes No qwerty nordic Sweden, Norway
10D PDN01E-00800SIT 16 GB Yes No qwerty Italy
10D PDN01E-008018PL 16 GB Yes No qwerty Poland
10E PDN01E-006018PL 32 GB Yes Yes qwerty Poland
10G PDN01E-00C00SIT 16 GB Yes Yes qwerty Italy, Sweden
10K PDN01E-001013G3 8 GB No No qwertz Germany
10N PDN01E-00200QHU 32 GB No No qwertz Hungary
10N PDN01E-002015CZ 32 GB No No qwerty/czech Czech Republic
10T PDN01E-005001AR 8 GB Yes Yes ? Nederlands, Middle East Africa :?:
10T PDN01E-00500CDU 8 GB Yes Yes qwerty Nederlands
10U PDN01E-00500EEN 8 GB Yes Yes qwerty United Kingdom
10V PDN01E-003016GR 8 GB No Yes qwertz Germany
10W PDN01E-004015CZ 16 GB No Yes qwerty/czech Czech Republic
10Z PDN01E-00700EEN 8 GB Yes No qwerty United Kingdom :?:
111 PDN01E-00600WS4 32 GB Yes Yes qwertz/swiss Swiss
113 PDN01E-00400QHU 16 GB No Yes qwertz Hungary :?: should be
114 PDN01E-00900GFR 16 GB No No azerty France
116 PDN01E-00L00URU 32 GB Yes Yes qwerty/йцукен Russia
117 PDN01E-00K00URU 8 GB Yes No qwerty/йцукен Russia
? PDN01A-00D01F 32 GB Yes No qwerty Australia :?:
AZ/05M PDN01N-00H01C 16 GB Yes No qwerty/japanese Japan
? PDN01K-00801K 16 GB Yes No qwerty/korean Korea

:?: marks refers to entries which have not been confirmed. If you are owner of such a model, please edit the page, fix the potential errors, and remove the question mark.

The “Toshiba AC100” is known as “Toshiba dynabook AZ” in Japan.

What’s inside?

The board (made by Compal) seems to be closely related to the “Harmony” development board made by NVIDIA. The main CPU is a Tegra 250 SoC which consists of

  • dualcore 1GHz Cortex-A9 processor, 1 MB L2 cache
  • ULP GeForce GPU
  • DDR2 controller, 512 MB RAM (256+256 MB chips)
  • dual display controller (lvds+hdmi)
  • jpeg encoder/decoder
  • video encode/decoder
  • sound chip
  • and some more

Supplemental chips are (among others)

  • embedded flash (type depends on the model, e.g. Toshiba THGBM2G7D4FBAI9, SanDisk SDIN4C2-8G)
  • embedded controller (ENE KB926QF-D3?)
  • power management unit TPS658622A
  • Wifi (Ralink/MSI rt3070sta)
  • Bluetooth chip (optional)
  • 3G modem (optional, Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV F3307 Mobile Broadband Module)

AC100 model specific command line

TODO Explain what each parameter means. Also it could be better to put this info to dev section.

Command Line

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