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This list is restricted to subscriber only. Plus you need a launchpad acount to subscribe yourself.

You can subscribe yourself from this address:

Mailing list archives are available from here:


join us on

  • #ac100 (english only)
  • #ac100-fr
  • #ac100-ru
  • #ac100-it

IRC is the main place where developers are discussing together and most of them are monitoring the channel even if they are not active 24 hours a day. This does not mean that the channel is not open to users, people are usually happy to help when they could.

Localized channels allows people to chat in native language, but don't expect to meet a lot of devs there !


You can use launchpad to:

However, it's often more efficient to get in touch with developers and people who know directly on the mailing list or on irc.

Please note that the AC100 Launchpad is not restricted to Ubuntu support ;-)

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