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 +====== Connecting wired stereo headset ======
 +===== Hardware =====
 +The headset receptacle is a 3.5mm audio socket with 4 poles. The poles are arranged in a way allowing for standard unmodified stereo headphones to be used.
 +{{:​audiojack4pin.png?​|Pinout from http://​www.allpinouts.org/​index.php/​File:​Connector_minijack4pin.png}}
 +The pins are:
 +  * 1 (tip) left HP output
 +  * 2 right HP output
 +  * 3 GND
 +  * 4 (sleeve) microphone
 +AC100 can use a regular [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Electret_microphone|electret microphone]] connected to the 4th pin.
 +NB: some noname 4-pole jack i bought for a DIY adapter was impossible to insert before filing its tip.
 +===== Compatibility =====
 +This arrangement is compatible with the numerous iPhone headsets and is not compatible (without hardware mods) with the scheme used by Nokia.
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