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-Supplemental Chips +DELETEME
-There are several supplemental ICs connected to the Tegra 250 main processor via various buses.  +
-The following lists some of them:+
-TPS658621A-1 ​ 
-download feature sheet 
-the datasheet can be found here 
-battery charger 
-power supply 
-back light control 
-led control 
-on/off switcher 
-connection to Tegra via gpio bus 
-connection to monitor ICs via i2c? 
-ADT7461 (not found, but mentioned in the source, maybe inside Tegra) 
-temperature monitor 
-ENE KB926QF-D3 
-keyboard controller, embedded controller 
-datasheet: ENE KB926D 
-Toshiba THGBM2G7D4FBAI9 http://​www.toshiba.com/​taec/​news/​press_releases/​2009/​memy_09_585.jsp 
-16 GB NAND 
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